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SMS360, LLC was founded when an energy retrofit construction and maintenance company with a focus on 3D technology (ECSI360) merged with a global leader in the implementation and enhancement of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) applications (Strategic Maintenance Solutions) through a mentor-protégé joint venture.  Our approach to managing facilities focuses on the elimination of waste.  We integrate design, construction, maintenance and operations with electronic BIM (Building Information Modeling) to FM (Facilities Management) solutions. This innovative approach to managing the life-cycle of a building provides the following benefits: 

  • Reduction of paper

  • Elimination of duplicated efforts

  • Energy efficiency

  • Indoor Air Quality Plan (IAQP)

  • Purchasing of sustainable products

  • Minimization of waste

  • Conservation and management of water

  • Workforce optimization

  • Reduction of greenhouse gases (ex. Refrigerants per the Montreal Protocol)

  • Effective communication of sustainability initiatives

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Facilities Management Optimization

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Work with our talented team of engineers and consultants to ensure a smooth transition to SMS360's facility management services.  Evaluate each building and its critical systems to ensure world class building performance and customer satisfaction.


SMS360 uses technology and past performance to optimize staffing levels.  Our highly trained staff is empowered with Industrial IoT technology, AI and Machine Learning enhanced Enterprise Asset Management applications, and Augmented Reality tools to constantly improve the function of maintenance and operation of your facilities.


Building owners and clients will enjoy peace of mind knowing they have the most highly trained staff as well as with the industry's most leading edge technology. Clients will receive increased customer satisfaction and better building performance than ever before.  Building performance is monitored in real time with critical operational and maintenance information at your fingertips.

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Christine Halvorsen (COCM)

Michael A. Brown (COPM)

Jason Oney (Managing Partner)

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